Two Player Hong Kong Mahjong


Played with Character and Honor Tiles only. Each player builds a wall 16 tiles long and 2 tiles high. East rolls one dice to determine break

Fan Table

Self-Picked (not a discard), 1 fan.
Going out on Kong replacement, 2 fans (selef pick is included)
Robbing The Kong, 1 fan.

Pure One Suit – 6 fans
All Winds & Dragons – 7 fans
Half Flush – 3 fans
All Chow – 1 fan
All Pong – 3 fans

Matching Wind Pong (of seat or round) – 1 fan
Any Dragon Pong – 1 fan
Small Three Dragons (two pongs of dragons and a pair of third) – 4 fan
Big Three Dragons (three pongs of dragons) – 6 fan

Nine Gates (single suit 1112345678999 plus pair – must be all concealed) – Maximum score
Hidden Treasure (all Pongs, all concealed, out on Self-Pick) – Maximum score
All Kong (plus pair) – Maximum score

7 Pairs (Unique pairs/No Kongs) – 4 fan
Concealed hand (no melds, Concealed Kong allowed, may go out on discard) – 1 fan

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