Mahjong Competition Rules

Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR), also referred to as Chinese Official Mahjong has 81 combination, and is based on patterns and scoring elements popular in both classic chinese mahjong and some modern regional variations. MCR has also adapted some table practices, such as orderly placement of tiles from the Japanese style of playing.

MCR Scoring

List of Scoring Elements

Pung of Terminals or Honors 1 point
Melded Kong 1 point
Single Wait 1 point
Edge Wait 1 point
Closed Wait 1 point
Short Straight 1 point
Double Terminal Chows 1 point
Self Draw 1 point
No Honors 1 point
Voided Suite 1 point
Pure Double Chow 1 point
Mixed Double Chow 1 point
No Honors 1 point
Pung of Dragons 2 point
Tile Hog 2 point
Two Concealed Pungs 2 point
Concealed Pung 2 point
Pung of Seat Wind 2 point
Pung of Round Wind 2 point
All Chows 2 point
Double Pungs 2 point
All Simple 2 point
Concealed Hand 2 point
Half Flush 4 point
Outside Hand 4 point
Fully Concealed 4 point
Last Tile 4 point
Mixed Shifted Chow 6 point
Mixed Shifted Chows 6 point
One Melded & One Concealed Kong 6 point
All Types 6 point
Two Dragon Pongs 6 point
Melded Hand 6 point

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