Zung Jung Mahjong Summary

Here is a quick summary of Zung Jung mahjong scoring elements:

All Chows/All Sequences 5 Note that the pair may be honor
Concealed Hand 5 No points are awarded for concealed hand for special hands such as the 7 pairs
No Terminals 5 All Simples, Tanyao
Mixed One-Suit 40 Half Flush
Pure One-Suit 80 Full Flush
Nine Gates 480 Nine Gates
Pong of Dragons 10 Pong/Pon of Dragons
Pong of Seat Wind 10 Pong/Pon of players own wind
Small Three Dragons 40 Three small dragons (2 dragon pongs and a dragon pair)
Big Three Dragons 130 Three small dragons (3 dragon pongs)
Small Three Winds 30 2 Pongs and 1 pair in Wind
Big Three Winds 120 3 wind pongs
Small Four Winds 320 Three wind pong and 1 pair of winds (3 dragon pongs)
Big Four Winds 400 Four win pongs
All Honors 320 All Honors
All Triplets 30 All Pongs
Two Concealed Triplets 5 2 Concealed Pongs
Three Concealed Triplets 30 3 Concealed Pongs
Four Concealed Triplets 125 4 Concealed Pongs
One Kong 5
Two Kongs 20
Three Kongs 120
Four Kongs 480
Two Identical Sequences 10
Two Identical Sequences Twice 60
Three Identical Sequences 120
Four Identical Sequences 480
Small Three Similar Triplets 30 Two pongs and a pair in same value all in different suits
Three Similar Triplets 120 Three Pongs in same value and different suits
Nine Tile Straight 40 Pure Straight
Three Consecutive Triplets 100 Three pure shifted pungs
Three Consecutive Triplets 200 Four pure shifted pungs
Mixed Lesser Terminals 40 Outside hand with honors
Pure Lesser Terminals 50 Outside hand with lesser terminals (no honors)
Mixed Greater Terminals 100 All Terminals and honors
Pure Greater Terminals 400 All honors
Win on Kong 10 Winning with the Kong replacement
Robbing a Kong 10 Robbing a kong
Blessing of Heaven 155
Blessing of Earth 155
Thirteen Terminals 160 13 Orphans<, 十三么九/td>
Seven Pairs 30

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