NETELLET Mahjong Challenge $500 USD

neteller-mahjong-challengeNETELLER and Dragon Kong have arrange a tournament on Dragon Kong with at least 500 dollars in the pot. What is more is that Dragon Kong will pay the 10 dollar tournament fee back to you if you have a NETELLER account.

Create a NETELLER account here


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WCOOM 2nd Year

Grand hyatt hotel in macau

Grand Hyatt hotel in macau

The World Championship Of Online Mahjong 2013 has now been announced and the tournament is now open for registration. Costs 33 dollars to participate. where 30 dollars go straightly to the pot to be devided amongst the winners. Last year WCOOM has arranged two tournaments with Hong Kong and Japanese rules. However this year the Hong Kong tournament was eliminated from the event. Possibly due to the low number of participants.

Much like 2012 event this year will get the winner a ticket to Macau (at most 1000 USD) and some pocket money and two days in a luxury hotel in Macau.

This year you can play at the Dragon Kong Mahjong or Dragon Kong 麻雀オンライン

(the Japanese Site)

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Mahjong Logic Announces the First Online Mahjong Championship

WCOOM 2012 where you will win a trip to Macao with enough money in your pocket to hit the casinos. The championship can be played on More details are to be announced on the same site. The championship will be organized int o two distinct events, with japanese and hong kong rules respectively.

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Shenzhen Mahjong

This fast paced game with and increasing popularity in Hong Kong and some other Chinese provinces. In Shenzhen Mahjong players are not allowed to make any chows. A more unique rule specific to these rules is that a player get paid during the game for making a Kong,

Shenzhen mahjong is commonly referred to as “Pung Mahjong”. A Summary and Scoring elements and game rules is to come.
A short description is provided here.
You may also want to take a look at the Online Schenzhen mahjong on Dragon Kong.

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Russian to the European Mahjong Championship

Another Russian player has qualified to the Open European Mahjong Championship. The Russians seem to have habbit of wining by coming 2nd place. The Russian player to the World Mahjong Championship came 2nd in the online tournament on eMahjong and got the seat, the seat for the 1st qualification went to the 2nd place Russian and now they do it again. Well congratulation to the winner.

See the Complete tournament result

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Swedish MCR Open 2011

Swedish MCR open was held this weekend. The winner was Hans Wikström with a score of 697 and 15 table points. Has was also the Swedish champion 2008. There were a total of 28 participants from 7 different countries. For your viewing pleasure the result on the European Mahjong Championship. Much like the OEMC Qualifications there where exceptionally many Russians that were playing. Don’t know about you but next time my money is on Russia.

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OEMC 2011 Qualification

Dragon Kong has announced that the winner of the first qualifications to the open European Mahjong Championship was an Italian player. There were 20 players in the tournament. So the Italians are getting one more player in the championship. The 2nd qualification is scheduled for 6th of March 2011.

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Customized Tiles for the Mahjong Championship

It has been reported that the Italian mahjong Federation is producing a customized mahjong set to be used in this summers mahjong championship.

Se ha informado de que la Federación Italiana de mahjong está produciendo un mahjong personalizado listo para ser utilizado en este veranos mahjong campeonato.

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Chinese New Year Tournament

If you can play Hong Kong mahjong, do not miss out on the latest tournament on dragon kong. Why? Because there is a minimum of 500 dollar in cash for the winners. and it only cost 5 dollars to enter. too cheap to pay the fee? you can also enter one of free their tournaments and win a ticket to the big event. That together with the 2 200 usd OEMC tournaments makes 900 dollars to win. Go enter now. I will 🙂

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The European Championship in 2011

Want to play against some of the worlds best mahjong players? Here is your chance the multiplayer mahjong site ( is running a tournament to give you a chance. Register with dragon kong and for a modest sum of 15 USD you will get a chance to qualify for the Open European Mahjong Championship 2011 (OEMC 2011) and 200 dollar cash. The event is a 5 hours tournament in 3x90min rounds.

The championship will take place in Venice, Italy. So pull yourself together and give it a try. There has never been a better time for you to visit the beautiful city.

Here are the links you need

Dragon Kong (Mahjong) :
OEMC2011(Championship) :

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