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Number of tiles

Mahjong is played with many different rules. Before you go out and buy a mahjong set you should know what kind of a mahjong you are playing, or else you might come home and find a few tiles missing.

However most variations of mahjong can be played with a regular Chinese mahjong set. Which include 4 flower tiles and 4 season tiles. The Japanese mahjong sets normally include only four flower tile, which makes them less suitable for playing official Chinese mahjong. If you play Japanese style mahjong, even though the flowers are present in most sets, these tiles are actually not used. However it is recommended that you buy a set that includes 3 extra 5s, one in each suite colored red. These are called the red fives. However Japanese mahjong can and is played without these tiles as well.

Size of the Tile

Generally the Japanese play with smaller tiles than the Chinese. Personally I prefer the looks of the Japanese tiles but would rather play with big tiles, with some weight in them. In that way they sound much nicer when you hit them against the table. But it really is a matter of habit and taste.

Arabic numbers?

A little subjective here! Mahjong tiles are very beautiful and exotic. Arabic numbers on them are not! Learn to read the tiles, and you will enjoy the game more. and you will not feel like an idiot when you meet all you Asian friends and tell them you play mahjong and fall flat when they bring out the tiles.

American X
Japanese O O+
Hong Kong
Mahjong CR O

Where to buy Mahjong Tiles

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