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Shanghai Mahjong Game Shanghai Dynasty is a classic matching mahjong game. Nice clear graphics and quite enjoyable to play. This game includes a mini board for children. The larger board is the classic turtle layout. Except the little one, there are no other layouts. No time. No score. Just relaxed clicking. Shanghai Mahjong sometimes also referred to as “Shangahi Solitaire” requires no download.
Mahjong Tower Basically the same classic chinese solitaire mahjong, with the usual “clear the board” objective. But wow the graphics are nice and easy to the eye and there are over 80 different layouts. There is much work to do! The tiles are the classical mahjong tiles. This game is sometime also referred to as Solitaire Towers.
Celtic Mahjong This is the standard mahjong game with celtic symbols. When playing it is a bit hard to see which tiles are free and which are not. Some have found it very challenging and addictive. In Celtic mahjong you have to save the goddess and restore the seasons from an evil spell. Would have been nice with some celtic music in the background.
Connect 2 Some people like Mahjong tiles some other people like kitchen appliances!!! Use your mouse to find pairs of matching pictures in this simple mahjong connect game. In Mahjong connect you can remove tiles which can be connected by a path that bends two times at most. Simple tiles which makes the games suitable for kids. a big board which makes the game more suitable for a bit bigger kids.
Dream Pet Link Mahjong connect with cute pet tiles. A bit too pink for our taste but the colorfulness of this games makes it a deserving collection to the site. As usual with mahjong connect games connect identical tiles with a path that bends no more than 2 times and they disappear. Make all tiles to disappear and you are on to next level. []
Great Mahjong Link Great mahjong is a classical implementation of Mahjong Solitaire. As well as including some great layouts and using great looking classical tiles, this game also offers two modes of play. To play the traditional one or a race against the clock. Another great feature of Great Mahjong is that for every Level it also offers to show the solution. One of the true favorites that lives up to its name. []
Hero Mah-jongg Traditional Mahjong in a heroic environment. Most layouts are very simple and very well suited for children. As usual in solitaire mahjong, you match the similar pieces and they are wiped off the play ground.[]
Mission Matchup Mahjong Game Play Mahjong Connect with simple clear graphics and nice music and some really funky enemies seem in the online scene of mahjong connect games. A real fun game with good music. As it is cutomary in Mahjong connect games tiles may be removed if there is path with at most 2 turns that can connect them. It is your job to find those tiles and clear the board of the stones. []
War mahjong Match the similar tiles next to each other to make them disappear. Use bombs to blow up single tiles to finally clear the playing ground of the tile. A very very addictive game. (un)fortunately it only 3 levels so you wont be wasting a lot of hours on this game. Click on the similar similar tiles adjacent to each other. []

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