Real Mahjong

Mahjong (other spellings include mahjongg, majiang, and hyphenated forms such as mah-jong or mah-jongg) is a game for three or four players originated in China. Mahjong is played with a tile set and is a game involving skill, intelligence, calculation and a dash of luck. In China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and many other countries in South East Asia mahjong is often a gambling passtime. In Cantonese the word literally means “sparrow”. In Japanese it means “hemp sparrow”, and is pronounced ma-jan. In English, by far the most common spelling is “Mahjong”.

The mahjong tile sets and the game play and the scoring rules in mahjong are slightly different depending on regional variations. Howevere the basic mechanics and the objective of the game are the same, which is to build complete sets of three or four 13 or 16 tiles. The first player to reach this goal (using 14 or 17 tiles respectively) wins the game.

The Western card game gin rummy has close resemblance to mahjong. Both games involve selecting or discarding tilesĀ  or cards to score points by forming groups or runs of similar units.

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Mahjong Styles

  • American Overview
  • Chinese Classical Overview
  • Chinese Official Mahjong (aka Mahjong Competition Rules)
  • Hong Kong Old Style Overview
  • Two Player Hong Kong Mahjong
  • Hong Kong New Style Overview
  • Japanese Classical Overview
  • Japanese Mahjong (aka. Riichi or Reach Mahjong)
  • Japanese Rules
  • Bamboo Mahjong
  • Riichi Competition Rules
  • 3 Player Riichi (Kansai, Hiroshima)
  • Washizu
  • Malaysian Overview (also played in Singapore)
  • Filipino Mahjong
  • Korean Overview
  • Taiwanese Mahjong
  • World Mahjong Federation Overview (aka WMPA)
  • World Series Of Mahjong Overview (aka Zung Jung)
  • Shenzhen Mahjong (fast and furious)
  • Zung Jung Mahjong (Scoring Summary) (Played in Macuao)

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