Shenzhen Mahjong

Rules and Scoring for Schenzen mahjong

Please not that the rules for Schenzen have not been formalized. This description is just the summary. Many variations are probably in existence. However here is a short summary:

While playing Schenzhen Mahjong you can declare mahjong with four sets and a pair, 7 pairs or 13 Orphans. Regularly played with a fixed bet a player gets paid for each Kong and for going mahjong according to the following table:

Extending a pong to kong all players pay the bet amount to the player.
A self drawn kong (concealed kong) and the others pay 2 times the bet.
A claimed Kong and the discarding player pay 3 times the bet to the player.
If a player is robbed of a Kong the robbed player pays 6 times the bet.

When a player goes out on self draw, he will get to turn the next tile in the wall (if any). If the player is sitting east and draws an east, 1,5, 9 of any suits; OR player is south and draws a South, Red Dragon or 2 or 6; OR the player is west and draws West, Green dragon a 3 or 7; OR the player is sitting North and the draws a North wind, white dragon a 4 or an 8, the other players will pay an additional 2 times the bet.

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